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  • Ag 925/1000 - Silver
  • Rhodium plated or 14K gold plated
  • Waterproof - no more green fingers

Meet Zara

This Zara silver ring is an elegant asymmetrical 3D accessory. It gives your hand an interesting casual look and is ideal for combining rings or wearing it alone. Aesthetic ripples are formed from the more massive open ring, and the work with matter is also interesting. Thanks to the universal size, you can change it to different fingers and combine it according to your taste.

The ring is available in 14k gold or rhodium-plated platinum for a beautiful, premium look, ideal for everyday wear.

- An elegant and at the same time distinctive, easily combinable ring

- 100% Ag 925/1000 - Silver

- Ring width: 2-4mm

- Adjustable universal size - larger

- Rhodium plated or 14K gold plated

- Waterproof - no more green stains

As lovers of beautiful nails, we decided to launch our own ring collection. We know that it is important to complement a perfect look with appropriate jewelry.

At the same time, we wanted to create a collection of rings that would be modern and timeless at the same time, but above all of high quality to last a long time and be suitable for everyday wear. That is why we chose silver when choosing the material. Its great features and still affordable price made it a clear choice for us. We know that no one wants to have green fingers after taking off their rings, so we've taken care of every detail. Each ring also has a protective layer of Rhodium (silver jewelry) or 14k gold (gold jewelry).

Our values ​​make our rings:
- Made of quality materials and beautiful shiny stones
- Waterproof
- Modern and timeless at the same time
- Easy to combine

- Packaged in a beautiful velvet gift box, so they are also suitable as a gift or just when you want to make yourself happy (you deserve it!)

Most of our rings are adjustable in size and are therefore suitable for almost any finger size. They also offer the convenience of changing rings on different fingers as needed or the option of wearing rings on the upper part of the finger.

Sizes of adjustable rings:
- Smaller - suitable for narrower fingers or ideal for wearing on the top of the finger
- Medium - ideal for wearing on the top of the finger but also classically - the greatest versatility
- Larger - ideal for classic wear, may not be ideal for narrower fingers
- Universal - these are pull-on chain rings - they are really suitable for everyone, you can easily adjust them exactly to your size and to any finger

Classic ring sizes:
Our sizes are derived from the length of the ring's inner circumference in mm. This is to make it very easy for everyone to find out their size with just a pen and paper. Alternatively, if you already know your sizes, shopping will be very simple and clear for you.

Package contains:

1x Silver ring, 1x Gift box

In Nailzzes used quality metals and also high quality plating. However, like any piece of jewelry, they can experience normal wear and tear over time.

If you want to extend the life of your jewelry, we have several tips for you to keep it in top condition:

- Give them occasional breaks

- Keep them in their packaging or jewelry box when not in use

- Wipe them with a soft cloth from time to time

- Put them in a box for the night

- Avoid chemicals

- Put your jewelry down when bathing, showering or washing your hands

- Before putting on jewelry, wait for the hand cream to dry and then put it on

You can find all modes of transport and their comparison here .

We ship the individual ring immediately. When purchasing with nails, the delivery time is governed by the current production time.

Processing time is 1-7 days from ordering, depending on the current situation (you can always find the current production time in the product details) .

It is possible to order an accelerated processing time of up to 24 hours. In the basket, you must choose EXPRESS PRODUCTION - within 24 hours . This function may be suspended when production capacity is reached.

In the case of the wrong size, we will exchange the nails with new ones for FREE with your first purchase.

Complete information on exchanging and returning goods can be found here.



A revolutionary solution that absolutely everyone can handle with unexpectedly reliable durability that you can use again and again, while always guaranteed to amaze those around you.

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Handmade press-on nails will fulfill all your expectations and needs

Keep your nails healthy

This technique is guaranteed not to destroy your natural nail beds

Glow at the party

Perfect nails like from the salon and then put them down calmly and go about your daily activities

Made to measure just for you

We make each set of nails custom-made for you, according to your special nail bed dimensions, in the length and shape you choose

Use them repeatedly

Save thousands of crowns and hours on annual salon visits, thanks to the possibility of repeated use

Nails in 10 minutes that will last

Apply your nails literally anytime, anywhere. The entire application will take you a few minutes and you can be sure that your nails will hold perfectly

It is precisely because of these advantages that even the most famous celebrities (here and around the world) like press-ons...

Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Billie Eilish, Sugar Denny, Emma Lacová, Jana Hrmová and many others...

Kim Kardashian - Baby2Baby Gala, her spiky nails were actually custom-made, using hand-painted press-on nails that she was able to take off shortly after her performance

Sugar Denny - a long-time protagonist of press-on nails, was the first influencer to bring this trend to the Czech Republic and became the first Nailzzes brand ambassador

Emma Lacová - discovered the magic of Press-on nails during pregnancy, because with a small baby she didn't want to have long nails, but she loves the opportunity to wear them when she goes out with friends or to an event

Jennifer Lopez - is one of the first American stars to start using handmade press-on nails for her performances, she already wore this iconic set during the SuperBowl 2020 performance

AND NOW IT'S YOUR TURN.. Try press-on nails yourself, completely risk-free with our limited offer for your first order

We are not asking you to say Yes or No. We ask that you make a fully informed decision , that's all. You can only make a fully informed decision based on your own personal experience. That is why we will make your nails to measure, you can try them on and if for any reason within 14 days you decide that they do not suit you, just write to our email and we will refund your money. Without any questions. We can afford such a guarantee only if we are 100% sure that what we offer you is really worth it. We are confident enough that if you try our product once, you will feel its BENEFIT on your own skin.