1. What are press-on nails?

  • Press-on nails are adhesive nails named after their application technique - press and stick.

  • Thanks to two gluing options, it can be worn for a short time for a few hours to days or long-term for up to 14 days. In addition, the nails can then be gently removed andrepeatedly use.

2. What are the benefits of press-on nails?

  • Less damage to natural nails compared to a classic salon manicure.
  • Option to use onlyfor a few hours.
  • Possibility long term wearinstead of gel or acrylic manicure.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Application and removal from the comfort of home.
  • A wide selection of designs, lengths and shapes.

    3. Who are press-on nails suitable for?

    There are nails really suitable for everyone but mainly for those who want:

    • Save time spent in the salon.
    • Save the health of your nails.
    • Have an opportunity change nails as needed (1 day short, the second day long, depending on the outfit..).
    • Have nails only for one event and then take them off.
    • Cover the undergrowth gel polish or gel nails.

    4. How long do nails last?

    The durability of the nails depends on the method of sticking:

    • 1 - 2 days when sticking with adhesive tapes.
    • Up to 14 days when sticking with glue (when applied correctly).

    5. How to apply nails correctly?

    • The application consists of 5 simple steps:

      1. Pushing the cuticle, filing and shortening of natural nails
      2. Surface rougheningnaturalnails using a file andtheirdegreasing using an alcohol wipe
      3. For glue - drip 2 drops artificial nail glues, 1 drop on the natural nail / For adhesive tapes - nalepit adhesive tape on the artificial nail and remove the protective film
      4. Press down so as not to create air bubbles
      5. Hold for 20 seconds

    TIP:Do not use cream or oil products on the hands on the day of application.

    6. How to care for nails?

    • Tryavoid rough treatment,which could destroy the nails.
    • When washing dishes or cleaninguse disposable glovesfor nail and skin protection.
    • The first 2 hoursafter stickingavoid waterfor the glue to dry properly.

    TIP: We recommend carrying glue or spare tapes in case you need a quick fix.

    7. How to remove nails?

    When applying with double-sided tapes:

    • Artificial nails are enough gently peel offfrom natural nail beds, for example using an orange stick or other manicure tools.
    • Press-on from the back of the nail is enough peel off the adhesive tape.
    • We can do nails put away in the box for further use.

    When applying with glue:

    • Artificial nailsgently bendto loosen the glue as much as possible.
    • We will leave the nailssoak for 10 minutesin warm soapy water, we can add a little oil (we don't add oil if we want to glue a new set of nails right away - the nail bed would get greasy and the new nails could come off faster)
    • Subsequently, we will try to press-on nails mechanicallyunstickusing an orange stick
    • If the glue still holds,we repeat the procedure
    • From peeling nailswe remove the excess gluesanding (with a file or electric sander) and disinfecting
    • We can do nailsput away in the boxfor further use

      8. Can nails be reused?

      Year, after peeling off and removing the glue, the nails can be used repeatedly.

      9. How to proceed with an order?

      1. Choose the design, length and shape of the nail.
      2. Measure the width of the nail bed according to procedure on our website.
      3. Choose the right size and order.

      10. Can I order my own design?

      Year, for the production of your own design, contact us at info@nailzzes.cz or via our Instagram.

      Don't forget to prepare a design sample.

      11. How are nails made?

      Every set is handmade directly for the customer.

      We use high quality gel tips that are highly durable.

      We really care about the quality of each product so that both parties are satisfied.

      12. Shipping and delivery

      As each set is handmade, the processing time is 14 days from ordering.

      It is possible to order the option of production within 24 hours. EXPRESS - production within 24 hours must be chosen as the method of transport. This function may be suspended when production capacity is reached.

      We also have new ready-to-ship collection where you can choose from pre-made sets ready to ship immediately.