Application, Removal and Reuse

On this page you will find a clear procedure on how to apply, remove and use the nails again.

How to apply nails?

The application consists offewsimple steps:

  1. Push the cuticleusing an orange stick, file and shorten the natural nail.
  2. Roughen the surface of the natural nail with a file and degrease it with an alcohol wipe.

TIP - Wash your hands with dish soap - it contains substances that perfectly degrease the nails. After degreasing, be very careful that the nails do not get greasy again, this can also be caused by running your hands through the hair.

Bonding with adhesive tapes: (for 24+ hours to 5 days)

  1. Apply adhesive tape to the artificial nailand remove the protective film.
  2. Press the artificial nail gently under the cuticle and hold firmly.

Bonding with glue: (for 14-30 days)

  1. Drip and spread a little glue on the entire surface of the natural nail, then drip the glue on the back of the artificial nail as well.
  2. Press the artificial nailunder the cuticle and gently press down so that no air bubbles are created.
  3. Hold firmly for 20 seconds.

TIP- On the day of application, do not use cream or oil products on your hands.

Never stick your nails with glue if you just want to try them out! You ask why? Our adhesive is intended for long-term wear (14-30 days) and therefore if you decide to peel off your nails after an hour or a day it will be very difficult. Always use adhesive tapes for such situations, you can really count on them 100% that not a single nail will fall off if you degrease your nails with dish soap beforehand. If you want to put your nails down afterwards, it will be a million times easier for you.

Bonding with adhesive tapes:

Bonding with glue:

How to remove nails?

When applying with adhesive tapes:

  • Artificial nails are enough gently peel offfrom the natural nail bed, for example using an orange stick or other manicure tool.
  • Press-on from the back of the nail is enough remove residueadhesive tapes.
  • You can nails put away in the box for further use.

If the adhesive tapes would still hold firmly, we recommend the instructions with warm water, soap and oil - be careful, if you add oil, don't stick another set on that day, it might not stick well because of the grease.

When applying with glue:

  • Gently move the artificial nails, so that the glue loosens as much as possible.
  • Let the nails soak for at least 10 minutes in warm soapy water, you can add a little oil (don't add oil if you want to glue a new set of nails right away - the nail bed would get greasy and the new nails could come off much faster).
  • Thennails only gently from the sides of the undercuts using an orange stick- this loosens the glue and more water gets under the nail, which makes the removal process easier.
  • Repeat the soaking procedure over and over if the nail cannot be easily removed.

ATTENTION:Do not pull the nails or use brute force, you can also tear off the layers of the natural nail and damage it.

! ATTENTION! - if, despite our warning, you glued your nails with glue just for one evening / trial - be prepared that the whole process will take much longer - But don't rush it! The glue must loosen and dissolve, after all, it is designed to last at least 14 days. Do not tear your nails or you may tear off your natural nails. If this is really not possible, we recommend using cosmetic acetone, which dissolves the glue faster.

In case of such misuse of the product, we reserve the right not to take responsibility for any damages incurred.

  • From peeling nailsremove excess gluesanding (file or electric sander) and don't forget to disinfect them with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • You can nailsput away in the boxfor further use.

    How to care for nails?

    • Tryavoid rough treatment,which could damage the nails.
    • When washing dishes or cleaninguse disposable glovesfor nail and skin protection.
    • The first 2 hoursafter stickingavoid waterfor the glue to dry properly.

    TIP: We recommend carrying glue or spare tapes in case you need a quick fix.