As lovers of beautiful nails, we decided to launch our own ring collection. We know that it is important to complement a perfect look with appropriate jewelry.

    At the same time, we wanted to create a collection of rings that would be modern and timeless at the same time, but above all of high quality to last a long time and be suitable for everyday wear. That is why we chose silver when choosing the material. Its great features and still affordable price made it a clear choice for us. We know that no one wants to have green fingers after taking off their rings, so we've taken care of every detail. Each ring also has a protective layer of Rhodium (silver jewelry) or 14k gold (gold jewelry).

    Our values ​​make our rings:
    - Made of quality materials and beautiful shiny stones
    - Waterproof
    - Modern and timeless at the same time
    - Easy to combine
    - Packaged in a beautiful velvet gift box, so they are also suitable as a gift or just when you want to make yourself happy 
    (you deserve it!)