How does it work

Are you interested in how the concept of press-on nails works?
First, we will explain what press-on nails are and why they are so great, then we will show you exactly how to proceed when creating an order and what not to forget in the process.

In the second part, you will also find the procedure for using nails from application to repeated use, as well as how to care for your natural nails between applications.

What are press-on nails and why are they so great?

Press-on nails are adhesive nails named after their application technique - press and stick. Thanks to two gluing options, it can be worn for a short time for a few hours or long-term for at least 14 days. In addition, the nails can then be put away and use repeatedly.

The press-on technique brings the comfort of a salon right at home. It saves time and also money. Compared to natural nails, they are compared to other extension techniques many times more gentle. Unique is the possibility of one-time use and subsequent easy removal. All within a few minutes from the comfort of your home or on the go.

All of our nails are from a gel tip that is hand painted and decorated. There are nails highly resistant to destruction, breakage or water, and if the nail accidentally comes off, it's very easy to stick it back on. With the right application, you can enjoy your nails 2 to 5 weeks. If you only want to have your nails for one evening, just use the double-sided adhesive tapes that are included in the package.

Press-on nails are a new global trend in home manicure and their comfort has also been liked by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Billie Eilish, Sugar Denny, Emma Lacová. This trend from America is starting to gradually establish itself in Europe as well. Customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia know about it.

Over the past year, our press-on nails have already been tested more than 2400 people and from that 40% buys from us repeatedly and regularly. People's great satisfaction with NAILZZES press-on nails can also be seen on over 270 5 star reviews. Now is the time for you to experience the practicality of handmade press-on nails.

I am interested even more..

So how do I proceed with my order?

  1. Measure the width of your nail beds
  2. Choose the length and shape, which suits you best
    If you want to make these two steps easier, order ours for FREE Measuring Set
  3. Choose a design, which you like and order
    We for you in the meantime we make nails by hand exactly according to your requirements
  4. pick up you are a package and check if all sizes fit you - if by chance they don't, we guarantee a FREE size exchange for your first purchase, you can find the procedure for changing sizes here
  5. apply your nails with glue or tape depending on how long you want to wear them
  6. Put them down, put them away and prepare them for the next use

Now let's take a detailed look at each step separately...

How to choose the right size?

  1. Measure the widthof the nail bed using paper tape, a pencil and a ruler or a tape measure.
  2. Measure your sizeregistration.
  3. Repeat the process for all 10 fingers.
  4. Measured results compare with the size chart below.

Sizes go in order from thumb to little finger, e.g. XS - thumb 14 mm - index finger 11 mm - middle finger 12 mm - ring finger 10 mm - little finger 8 mm.

*If none of the listed sizes (XS, S, M, L) suit you, write us your measurements in millimeters in the note in the basket, in orderfrom thumb to little finger.


Levá ruka - 14mm - 12mm - 13mm - 12 mm - 9mm,

Right hand - 13mm - 11mm - 13mm - 12mm - 9mm.

Attention:Our largest available nail tip size is 17mm.

TIP: If the size does not fit you during the first order, we will exchange the entire set for you free of charge. You can find more information here.

Above was the procedure for measuring your nail bed with tools you can find at home. However, if you want 100% certainty and more comfort, you can buy ours Measuring Set completely FREE*, thanks to which you can test whether the selected sizes, length or shape fit you, as well as the exact size of your nail beds in millimeters.

If this is your very first order, you we will also include a discount code with the set, which will automatically deduct the price of the measuring set from your next order.

You just have to choose any nails on our website within 3 days and apply the discount.

How to choose the right length and shape?

  • You can compare the lengths and shapes of the nails in the pictures below.







Type of nails Average nail length in millimeters
Extra Short 14 mm
Short 19 mm
Medium 24 mm
Long 33 mm
Extra long 39 mm

If you have longer nail beds, we recommend choosing SHORT as the shortest length, because EXTRA SHORT might not cover the entire length of your natural nail. 

!ATTENTION! this is really just an average length!

Each nail is a different length to make them look natural on the hands. As a rule, the thumb is the longest and the little finger is the shortest. The average length is the average length of all tips - so some will be longer and some will be shorter.

Also, please keep in mind that each shape has a slightly different length, also to make them look as natural as possible on the nails.

If you have a special length request, please write it in the notes and we will try to do our best.

If you want to order nails to be sure, you can buy ours Measuring Set completely FREE*, thanks to which you can check whether the selected size, length or shape fits you, as well as the exact size of your nail beds in millimeters.

If this is your very first order, you we will also include a discount code with the set, which will automatically deduct the price of the measuring set from your next order.

You just have to choose any nails on our website within 3 days and apply the discount.

How to apply nails?

The application consists offewsimple steps:

  1. Push the cuticleusing an orange stick, file and shorten the natural nail.
  2. Roughen the surface of the natural nail with a file and degrease it with an alcohol wipe.

TIP - Wash your hands with dish soap - it contains substances that perfectly degrease the nails. After degreasing, try to be careful that your nails don't get greasy again, this can also be caused by running your hands through your hair.

Bonding with adhesive tapes:

  1. Apply adhesive tape to the artificial nail and remove the protective film.
  2. Press the artificial nail gently under the cuticle and hold firmly.

Bonding with glue:

  1. Drip and spread a little glue on the entire surface of the natural nail, then drip the glue on the back of the artificial nail as well.
  2. Press the artificial nailunder the cuticle and gently press down so that no air bubbles are created.
  3. Hold firmly for 20 seconds.

TIP- On the day of application, do not use cream or oil products on your hands.

Bonding with adhesive tapes:

Bonding with glue:

How to remove nails?

When applying with adhesive tapes:

  • Artificial nails are enough gently peel offfrom the natural nail bed, for example using an orange stick or other manicure tool.
  • Press-on from the back of the nail is enough remove residueadhesive tapes.
  • You can nails put away in the box for further use.

When applying with glue:

  • Gently move the artificial nails, so that the glue loosens as much as possible.
  • Let the nails soak for at least 10 minutes in warm soapy water, you can add a little oil (don't add oil if you want to glue a new set of nails right away - the nail bed would get greasy and the new nails could come off much faster).
  • Then nails only gently from the sides of the undercuts using an orange stick - this loosens the glue and more water gets under the nail, which makes the removal process easier.
  • Repeat the procedure if the nail cannot be easily removed.

ATTENTION:Do not pull the nails or use brute force, you can also tear off the layers of the natural nail and damage it.

  • From peeling nailsremove excess gluesanding (file or electric sander) and don't forget to disinfect them with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • You can nailsput away in the boxfor further use.

    How to care for nails?

    • Tryavoid rough treatment,which could damage the nails.
    • When washing dishes or cleaninguse disposable glovesfor nail and skin protection.
    • The first 2 hoursafter stickingavoid waterfor the glue to dry properly.

    TIP: We recommend carrying glue or spare tapes in case you need a quick fix.