01 Light Beige
01 Light Beige
01 Light Beige
01 Light Beige
01 Light Beige

01 Light Beige

Common price987.00Kč
  • Measure your nail beds according to the video guide and compare with the size chart
  • Choose the size, length and shape in which you want us to make your nails to measure
  • If you need a CUSTOM size, write us the dimensions in millimeters in the text field below
Size chart

Below you will find a procedure for measuring your nail bed with tools you can find at home. However, if you want 100% certainty and more comfort, you can buy oursMeasuring Set completely FREE*, thanks to which you can check whether the selected size, length or shape fits you, as well as the exact size of your nail beds in millimeters.

If this is your very first order, you we will also include a discount code with the set, which will automatically deduct the price of the measuring set from your next order.

You just have to choose any nails on our website within 3 days and apply the discount.

So don't hesitate and shop!

*note - valid only for your first order


  1. Measure the widthof the nail bed using paper tape, a pencil and a ruler or a tape measure.
  2. Measure your sizeregistration.
  3. Repeat the process for all 10 fingers (both hands)
  4. Measured results compare with the size chart below.

Sizes go in order from thumb to little finger, e.g. XS - thumb 14 mm - index finger 11 mm - middle finger 12 mm - ring finger 10 mm - little finger 8 mm.

*If none of the listed sizes (XS, S, M, L) suit you, write us your measurements in millimeters in the note in the basket, in orderfrom thumb to little finger.


Levá ruka - 14mm - 12mm - 13mm - 12 mm - 9mm,

Right hand - 13mm - 11mm - 13mm - 12mm - 9mm.

Attention:Our largest available nail tip size is 17mm.

FREE SIZE EXCHANGE GUARANTEE: If the size does not fit you during the first order, we will exchange the entire set for you free of charge. You can find more information here.



01 Light Beige

Press-on nails Light Beige are beautiful nude nails that don't attract too much attention, but give the hand a beautiful manicured look. Thanks to the press-on technique, you can put on your nails, either for a one-time event or for two whole weeks. Just choose the length and shape!
You can also choose this color as a nude base for other designs. Just write the shade number in the note.
  • Simple application within 10 minutes
  • Reusable
  • Gentle on natural nails
  • Durability 1 day to 14 days
  • Available in any length - just choose
*The nails in the photo are of length - Medium - Coffin

Healthy natural nails , the technique is gentle on the nail beds

• Simply and quickly apply, remove and reuse

Save your time and money

• Choose if you want to have nails only for one event (use adhesive tapes) or if you want to wear them for at least 14 days (use glue)

Gel press-on nails are made by hand, tailored for your special size of nail beds.

  • Handmade from quality materials, precisely tailored
  • High durability and quality, indistinguishable from a salon manicure
  • Possibility to choose any length or shape
  • Choose from hundreds of designs or choose your own design
  • Repeated use at least 3 or more times
  • Kit for pre-preparation of the natural nail and two methods of gluing (glue and adhesive tape) included in the price
  • The gentlest and most reliable products for gluing (non-toxic glue and highly durable adhesive tapes)
  • Waterproof - nails that won't just fall off
  • A higher purchase price, but which will return in the form of quality and repeated use

Plastic adhesive nails are produced by machine in a "universal" size

  • The designs are printed on a cheap and flexible plastic tip
  • At first glance, you can see that these are plastic artificial nails
  • Disposable and trash
  • A limited selection of designs that cannot be modified or customized
  • Inability to choose from different lengths and shapes
  • The price usually only includes glue, which is not of the best quality
  • Universal tip sizes that may not fit everyone
  • They are not waterproof and often fall off quickly
  • Lower price in exchange for low quality, design and disposable use

You can find the procedure in the video in the product images

1. Measure the width of the nail bed using paper tape and a pencil or tape measure

2. Attach the measured size to the ruler and write down the value

3 . Continue like this and measure all 10 fingers

4. Compare the measured results with the size chart you can find in the product images above.

XS - 14mm, 11mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm
S - 15mm, 12mm, 13mm, 11mm, 9mm
M - 16mm, 12mm, 13mm, 11mm, 9mm
L - 17mm, 13mm, 14mm, 12mm, 10mm

5. Choose one of our standard ready-to-wear sizes or choose the CUSTOM option and write us the dimensions of both hands in mm in the notes in the basket

GUARANTEE: In the case of the wrong size, we will replace your nails with new ones FREE OF CHARGE as part of your first purchase.

We currently have minor changes in lengths and shapes on the website. Specifically, we've thrown in a new Mini length, and we've also made a distinction between ovals and almonds. We have also improved the shape of the Short Cofiin and Extra Short. You can find the exact overview here .

In the past, we used the current Short Almond and Medium Almond shapes for the Short and Medium Oval shapes. So, if they suit you, choose the almond shape now - we changed the oval to a wider and truly oval one.

If you have any questions about what exact shape to order so that it is the same as in previous orders, write to us and we will advise you.

Average nail length in millimeters:

Mini - 15 mm

Extra Short - 17 mm
Short - 19 mm
Medium - 23 mm
Long - 30 mm
Extra long - 38 mm

!ATTENTION! this is really just an average length!

Each nail is a different length to make them look natural on the hands. As a rule, the thumb is the longest and the little finger is the shortest. The average length is the average length of all tips - so some will be longer and some will be shorter.

Also, please keep in mind that each shape has a slightly different length, also to make them look as natural as possible on the nails.

If you have a special length request, please write it in the notes and we will try to do our best.

The application consists of a few simple steps:

  1. Push the cuticle with an orange stick, file and shorten the natural nail.
  2. Roughen the surface of the natural nail with a file and degrease it with an alcohol wipe.

TIP - Wash your hands with dish soap - it contains substances that perfectly degrease the nails. After degreasing, try to be careful that your nails don't get greasy again, this can also be caused by running your hands through your hair.

Bonding with adhesive tapes:

  1. Stick the adhesive tape on the artificial nail and remove the protective film.
  2. Press the artificial nail gently under the cuticle and hold firmly.

Bonding with glue:

  1. Drip and spread a little glue on the entire surface of the natural nail, then drip the glue on the back of the artificial nail as well.
  2. Press the artificial nail under the cuticle and gently press it down so that no air bubbles form.
  3. Hold firmly for 20 seconds.

TIP - On the day of application, do not use cream or oil products on your hands.

Package contains:

10 pcs Press-on Nails made to measure, nail glue, 1x double-sided adhesive tape, file, orange stick, 100% alcohol degreasing wipe

NAILZZES are handmade by us in the Czech Republic Weight: 10g

Press-on nails are adhesive nails named after their application technique - press and stick . Thanks to two gluing options, it can be worn short-term for a few hours or long-term for at least 14 days . In addition, the nails can then be put away and used repeatedly .

The press-on technique brings the comfort of the salon directly to your home . It saves time and also money. Compared to other extension techniques, they are many times more gentle on natural nails. Unique is the possibility of one-time use and subsequent easy removal. All within a few minutes from the comfort of your home or on the go.

All our nails are made of gel tip that is hand painted and decorated. The nails are highly resistant to destruction, breaking or water , and if the nail accidentally comes off, it is very easy to glue it back. With proper application, you can enjoy your nails for 2 to 5 weeks . If you only want to have your nails for one evening, just use the double-sided adhesive tapes that are included in the package.

TIP: Always put your nails back in the box. In this way, you will extend their lifespan and prevent their unnecessary loss.

You can find all modes of transport and their comparison here .

Processing time is 1-7 days from ordering, depending on the current situation (you can always find the current production time in the product details) .

It is possible to order an accelerated processing time of up to 24 hours. In the basket, you must choose EXPRESS PRODUCTION - within 24 hours . This function may be suspended when production capacity is reached.

In the case of the wrong size, we will exchange the nails with new ones for FREE with your first purchase.

Complete information on exchanging and returning goods can be found here.

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A revolutionary solution that absolutely everyone can handle with unexpectedly reliable durability that you can use again and again, while always guaranteed to amaze those around you.

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  • 5 Main Reasons why this method has become popular with people all over the world , including famous celebrities (the famous names will surprise you!)

2,400+ customers

From all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia

4,500+ nails made

Tailored for the last 12 months

40% of customers

He buys from us repeatedly and regularly

More than 270

5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews

You don't have to listen to what we say, see what our customers say about Press-on Nails NAILZZES


Handmade press-on nails will fulfill all your expectations and needs

Keep your nails healthy

This technique is guaranteed not to destroy your natural nail beds

Glow at the party

Perfect nails like from the salon and then put them down calmly and go about your daily activities

Made to measure just for you

We make each set of nails custom-made for you, according to your special nail bed dimensions, in the length and shape you choose

Use them repeatedly

Save thousands of crowns and hours on annual salon visits, thanks to the possibility of repeated use

Nails in 10 minutes that will last

Apply your nails literally anytime, anywhere. The entire application will take you a few minutes and you can be sure that your nails will hold perfectly

It is precisely because of these advantages that even the most famous celebrities (here and around the world) like press-ons...

Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Billie Eilish, Sugar Denny, Emma Lacová, Jana Hrmová and many others...

Kim Kardashian - Baby2Baby Gala, her spiky nails were actually custom-made, using hand-painted press-on nails that she was able to take off shortly after her performance

Sugar Denny - a long-time protagonist of press-on nails, was the first influencer to bring this trend to the Czech Republic and became the first Nailzzes brand ambassador

Emma Lacová - discovered the magic of Press-on nails during pregnancy, because with a small baby she didn't want to have long nails, but she loves the opportunity to wear them when she goes out with friends or to an event

Jennifer Lopez - is one of the first American stars to start using handmade press-on nails for her performances, she already wore this iconic set during the SuperBowl 2020 performance

AND NOW IT'S YOUR TURN.. Try press-on nails yourself, completely risk-free with our limited offer for your first order

We are not asking you to say Yes or No. We ask that you make a fully informed decision , that's all. You can only make a fully informed decision based on your own personal experience. That is why we will make your nails to measure, you can try them on and if for any reason within 14 days you decide that they do not suit you, just write to our email info@nailzzes.cz and we will refund your money. Without any questions. We can afford such a guarantee only if we are 100% sure that what we offer you is really worth it. We are confident enough that if you try our product once, you will feel its BENEFIT on your own skin.