Jak jsou press-on nehty vyráběné?

How are press-on nails produced?

The process of making press-on nails is very similar to the traditional gel or acrylic nail modeling process, except that the products are applied to artificial tips rather than directly to the nail bed.

At Nailzzes, we use high-quality gel tips that provide both strength and flexibility. Each tip is filed and a primer is applied to ensure that all subsequent layers adhere properly. Then, we create the specific design, which may include glitter, gems, or other embellishments, and cure everything in a UV lamp. Finally, we refine the shape, thoroughly clean the nails, and package them for shipping.

If you're curious about what this production process looks like, check out our Instagram or TikTok, where we regularly film the production of your orders, sometimes even on a live stream. We can even film the production of your press-on nails! Just send us your order number via Instagram @nailzzes or email info@nailzzes.cz.

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