Jak dlouho press-on nehty vydrží?

How long do press-on nails last?

The durability of press-on nails is influenced by several factors. Firstly, it depends on the chosen application method. If press-on nails are attached using adhesive tabs, they can last for several days. If glue is used for application, the nails can last up to two weeks. After applying the nails, it is recommended to avoid soaking the hands for approximately 2 hours to allow the glue to dry properly.

However, the preparation of the natural nail is crucial. The nail must be clean - we recommend removing any residue from the previous manicure, whether it was gel or acrylic, or just regular nail polish. It is also necessary to push back the cuticles, roughen the nail surface with a file, and then degrease the nail with an alcohol wipe. After this step, we advise against touching the nails or running fingers through the hair, to prevent the nails from getting oily again.

TIP: Before applying press-on nails, we recommend washing your hands with dish soap - it contains degreasing agents that can support the durability of press-on nails. For more tips, click here.

Once press-on nails are applied, you can function like with traditional gel or acrylic manicures.

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