Quantity discounts

If you have an upcoming event like a wedding, birthday party or graduation and you and your friends, weddin guests, classmates or family have decided to go for press-on nails, we have prepared great discounts for you.

To apply each discount, just use the discount code that corresponds to the number of items in your cart. The order must be made at once and payment must be made in advance (payment by card or bank transfer), as it is a larger number of sets that we have to handmake.


Number of sets You save discount code
5 sets 520 CZK USETRI5
10 sets CZK 1,170 USETRI10
15 sets CZK 1,820 USETRI15
20 sets 2,470 CZK USETRI20

* When ordering over 20 pieces, contact us and we will make an individual arrangement.

* When purchasing over 20 pcs, we can provide free Nail Gift Cards for raffles or other competitions.

How does it work:

- You can choose any of our designs, but you can also choose your custom design.

- You can choose a different length, shape or size for each set. However, if you choose your own size for multiple sets, please make sure to write it down correctly and clearly in the notes. Always enter sizes in this format:

Design name /shape/length

left hand - ..mm, ..mm, ..mm, ..mm, ..mm,

right hand - ..mm, ..mm, ..mm, ..mm, ..mm.

You can find all information about lengths, shapes and sizes here.

- If you already have all the selected designs in your basket, don't forget to write in the notes all the important things you want to leave to us, including the date by which you need to have your nails.

- If you are ordering for the first time and you are still not 100% sure of your size, give yourself a reserve of at least a week or two, so that we can make a new set in the right size for you and send it to you on time.

- We will always try to process the order as soon as possible. However, in case that we have full production capacity, it is possible that the delivery time will be extended.