How to remove nails?


When applying with adhesive tapes:

  • Artificial nails are enough gently peel offfrom the natural nail bed, for example using an orange stick or other manicure tool.
  • Press-on from the back of the nail is enough remove residueadhesive tapes.
  • You can nails put away in the box for further use.

When applying with glue:

  • Gently move the artificial nails, so that the glue loosens as much as possible.
  • Let the nails soak for at least 10 minutes in warm soapy water, you can add a little oil (don't add oil if you want to glue a new set of nails right away - the nail bed would get greasy and the new nails could come off much faster).
  • Then nails only gently from the sides of the undercuts using an orange stick - this loosens the glue and more water gets under the nail, which makes the removal process easier.
  • Repeat the procedure if the nail cannot be easily removed.

ATTENTION:Do not pull the nails or use brute force, you can also tear off the layers of the natural nail and damage it.

  • From peeling nailsremove excess gluesanding (file or electric sander) and don't forget to disinfect them with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • You can nailsput away in the boxfor further use.