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What exactly are press-on nails and why are they so great? Find out the main advantages of this revolutionary technique.

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Icy queen press-on nails, they're all you need! The nude classic, complemented by glittering rhinestones, will guarantee you compliments from all sides.

Choose your favorite shape

We will make all designs for you in any shape according to your preference. So don't hesitate and finally choose your dream nails. All you have to do is find out your size.

How do I find out my nail size?

You have everything you need at home! All you need is tape, a pencil and a ruler

You choose the size in the product details.

In the case of the wrong size, we will exchange your nails for new ones with your first purchase.

Not interested in any of our designs? Does not matter! Send us a picture of your dream nails and we will make them for you.

Just send the picture to an email or an Instagram message and we will advise you on choosing a category.


Press-on nails are adhesive nails named after their application technique - press and stick . Thanks to two gluing options, it can be worn short-term for a few hours or long-term for up to 14 days. In addition, the nails can then be put away and used repeatedly.

Less damage to the nails compared to a salon manicure

• Can be used for a few hours

• Possibility of long-term wear as a substitute for gel nails

Saving time and money

• Application and removal from the comfort of your home

A wide selection of quality designs, lengths and shapes

Nails are really suitable for everyone , but especially for those who want:

Save time spent in the salon

Save the health of your nails

• Be able to change nails as needed (1 day short, the next day long, depending on clothes, etc.)

Only have nails on for one event and then take them off

Cover the growths of gel polish or gel nails

The durability of the nails depends on the method of sticking:

• 1 - 2 days when pasted with adhesive tapes

• up to 14 days when stuck with glue, with proper application

The application consists of 5 simple steps:

1. Pushing the cuticle , filing and shortening your own nails

2. Roughening the nail surface with a file and degreasing with an alcohol wipe

3. For the glue - Put 2 drops of glue on the artificial nail, 1 drop on the natural nail

For adhesive tapes - Stick the adhesive tape on the artificial nail and tear off the protective film

4. Press down so that air bubbles do not form

5. Hold for 20 seconds

TIP: On the day of application, do not cream your hands or lubricate them with oil or similar products

• Try to avoid rough handling that could damage the nails.

• When washing and cleaning, use disposable gloves to protect nails and skin.

Avoid water for the first 2 hours after gluing so that the glue dries properly.

TIP: We recommend carrying glue or spare tapes, the possibility of a quick repair if necessary

When applying with double-sided tape:

• Artificial nails just need to be peeled off gently , for example using an orange stick or other manicure tool

• All you have to do is peel off the adhesive tape from the back of the nail

• We can put the nails in the box for further use

When applying with glue:

• Gently move the artificial nails to loosen the glue as much as possible

Soak your nails in warm water for 10 minutes , you can add a little oil

• Next, carefully try to peel off the nails using an orange stick

• If the glue still holds strongly, we repeat the procedure with soaking

• We remove excess glue from detached nails by sanding (electric sander)

• We can put the nails in the box for further use

Yes , after peeling off and removing the glue, the nails can be used repeatedly

1. Measure the width of the nail bed using tape and a pencil

2. Attach the measured size to the ruler and write down the value on paper

3. Compare the measured results with the size chart

Yes , for the production of your own design, contact us at or via Instagram

Don't forget to prepare a design sample

Each set is handmade directly for the customer.

We do not use flexible plastic tips, but high-quality gel tips that are highly durable.

We really care about the quality of each product for mutual satisfaction

1. Choose the design, length and shape of the nail

2. Measure the width of the nail bed according to the procedure on our website

3. Choose the right size and order

We send the individual tapes immediately after receiving the order

When purchasing with a set of nails, we only send the tapes after the set has been made. As each set is handmade, the processing time is 7 days from the order.

It is possible to order an accelerated production time of up to 24 hours. EXPRESS must be selected as the shipping method. This function may be suspended when capacity is reached.