Proč press-on nehty?

Why press-on nails?

Thanks to two glue options, it is possible to choose how long you will wear your nails. Adhesive tapes allow you to wear your nails for just a few hours to days, while the application of glue will extend the life of your nails for up to two weeks.

Press-on nails are a great choice for everyone, but they are a great advantage for those who are not comfortable with a classic gel or acrylic manicure or who, for example, does not allow their profession. Press-on nails provide the option of individual application and removal as well as repeated wear, saving time and money. They can therefore be an excellent choice, e.g. for nurses, baristas or flight attendants.

As press-on nails are produced before application to the natural nail bed, they allow more space for more complex designs, which would not be possible with a classic manicure or would take several hours. 

You can find out exactly how press-on nails work here.

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